Design Consultation . Santa Monica, California
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After twenty years of designing, we've taken a moment to create an online presence and a portfolio for potential clients to peruse. Up until now our marketing efforts consisted of the few business cards we would hand out; all of our projects arrive in our studio via word-of-mouth.

If you click on a boldfaced word you will link to a different page.

We have designed web sites, furniture, rooms, gardens, and assisted with architect-client interaction on houses (the studio includes an architect licensed in Pennsylvania and California). We have been involved in the design of several residences and a couple commercial projects in quite a few different states. The Projects page is a portfolio-in-progress.

The Mission page will tell you what we are hoping to accomplish. We occasionally update the Journal with notes and photographs about recent projects, before they are added to the portfolio of projects. About will tell you who we are and Contact will tell you how to get ahold of us.

The first quarter of 2009 finds one partner at a a large global architecture firm and the other pursing design problems on the web. (There is another kind of architecture, the architecture of information technology. The same sort of design decisions which work in real world design have similar implications in the virtual world.)