Design Consultation . Santa Monica, California
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February 2008

With the slowing of the economy and the decreasing liklihood of interesting commissions arriving in the studio, Robert headed back to the east coast to work at RMJM Architects on several large school projects in the New York City school district. (RMJM bought Hillier, where Robert had worked before.)

Colin remains in Santa Monica, working on smaller projects and wishing putting those projects into the website were a little less tedious.

January 2007

It's been more than a year since we put up the web site and we have yet to add the sort of content we expected to. The web seems so shiny and seductive at first, but then we return to yellow trace and nice soft pencils and remember how much we love to sketch things.

Sketching is more fun than writing HTML. In 2007 we will strive to get some updates onto the web site, because 2006 was a good year for photographs.

In December of 2006 the owner moved into The Castle. The project is not complete, but he was so enthusiastic when we finished the master wing that he had to move in. He was camping on the floor for a little while, but so excited that it didn't seem to matter.

In November of 2006 the family wing of The Slammer (Cellblock B) was finally opened for use. It was instantly filled with toddler toys and the noise and chaos of family life, exactly as we hoped it would be.

In September of 2006 Robert was licensed in Pennsylvania and started the process to get licensed in California.