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The following is a timeline of our partnership. If you click on bold faced years, locations, or projects, you will get a list of appropriate projects (or, in some cases, you will go directly to the single project referenced).

1965 Robert Whitehead born in Susquehanna, PA.
1966 Colin Summers born in Red Bank, NJ.
1983 Robert graduates from high school, he attends college math classes for a year before starting Cornell.
1965 Robert Whitehead born in Susquehanna, PA.
1984 Colin graduates from Stuyvesant.
We meet in Ithaca, NY when we matriculate to a college of architecture.
1987 We design our first built project together.
1988 Other undergraduates get their degrees. Ours is a five-year program to get a Bachelors of Architecture.
1989 Classmates get their BArch’s, but we’ve each taken a year off.
1990 Cornell awards Robert his Bachelor of Architecture.
We form Whitehead & Co. in Jackson, Pennsylvania.
1991 We build our first house as W&Co.
1992 Colin moves to New York City. There are fewer architecture opportunities than he had hoped.
1994 Colin moves to Las Vegas and starts designing The Slammer.
Cornell relinquishes Colin’s Bachelor of Architecture.
1995 Construction starts on The Slammer.
1996 Colin moves to Los Angeles, CA.
2001 Colin accepts the commission for The Castle. It is immediately clear that it is a huge, and daunting, task.
Robert flies out for a four day weekend and we design the Calico House together.
2002 Robert moves to Santa Monica in May.
The partnership allows for a couple simultaneous projects, including two in Los Angeles, CA.
Robert starts studying for the architectural licensing exam.
2003 The Castle continues its slow journey through permitting.
We take another few small jobs in Los Angeles to have work that doesn’t require a commute on Southwest.
2004 One of the small jobs in Los Angeles turns into a large job.
We design two more additions to The Slammer.
2005 We start trying to get a little more local work, and even put up a web site.
Colin gets licensed as a private pilot so our commute to Las Vegas is easier.
2006 The client moves into The Castle, The Slammer: Cellblock B opens, and we finish a job in New York City.
Robert is licensed as an architect in Pennsylvania.
Colin gets his instrument rating, so we can commute through any clouds on the way to Las Vegas.