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Farmhouse Renovation
Jackson, PA
August 1990

Whitehead & Co. settled into the north eastern corner of Pennsylvania in a farm house that was more than a hundred years old: The Old Pickering House. Over the next fifteen years the farm house gained a sauna (and then an exterior sauna), forced hot water heating, a new bathroom, plaster walls, new insulation, new siding and new windows.

It is a work in progress. When we first started building it was difficult to save energy to work on the Farmhouse when we returned from a job site. It gets a little more concentrated attention now, and there's a two car garage (with a work space above), an orchard, new furnace and, most importantly, wireless broadband.

Many of our first lessons in building technology, context, and the importance of historical accuracy, we learned on this simply, elegant structure.

Here are projects that are all part of the renovations to the Farmhouse and its grounds:

   description location
Farmhouse Garage Thompson, PA
Farmhouse Sauna Thompson, PA
Farmhouse Entry Thompson, PA