Design Consultation . Santa Monica, California
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Calico, NV
February 2002

A couple from the San Francisco Bay area purchased a couple areas in Calico, outside of Las Vegas. This land was up against the Red Rock National Park, with a magnificent view to the south. The decision was made to have considerable glass facing south even though that's not an ideal strategy in the desert, because the view was too stunning to ignore. We recessed the glass curtain wall and specified heavily-tinted glass to attempt to mitigate the solar gains.

The house was a series of volumes gathered around a courtyard, with the southern edge of the courtyard open. Since the site had a significant slope we were able to keep the living areas of the main volume on the courtyard level while we developed a space for a home business beneath them.

We created a sixteenth scale model and generated some renderings, but in the end the couple decided to stay in the Bay area and sold their parcel in Calico.

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